Friday, April 26, 2013

Why I Love Being a Youth Minister

by Rev. Felicia Fox

Here are ten moments that have reminded me why I love being a youth minister:

10) Having a middle school boy ask me if my name means “awesome.” I had just told my class to pay attention to names in the Bible because they give clues about the people. Felicia really means happy.

9) Having to look at cuts, bruises, and scrapes because my youth want to tell me the story behind them. If it is important to them, it becomes important to me even if it makes me want to throw up.

8) Having a teenage girl text me when she’s having a bad day because she needs an adult to listen to her and she knows I will.

7) Playing a crazy game like Murder or Zoinks that will insure tons of laughter. That’s my secret to staying young.

6) Having a student ask me a really hard question about the Bible because he is reading it all the way through. He even read Leviticus. Those were some hard questions.

5) A youth walking past me in the hall at church and singing a song because they know it will get stuck in my head the rest of the day. This usually happens right before I head to worship.

4) Talking to my students about the new movie coming out only to have them tell me who dies in it. Now I don’t have to go see the new G.I. Joe movie. I already know the ending.

3) Hearing my youth talk openly and honestly about where they are in their relationships with God during our
FLASH meetings.

2) Having a parent share a story about something their kid did that is directly related to what you have been talking to them about during Bible study.

1) Seeing a student have a “light bulb moment” when they finally understand something about faith they have been struggling with.

These are just a few reasons I love my job. Check back later for the list of reasons I don’t always love my job.

Felicia Fox is the Minister of Youth and Children at First Baptist Church of Mount Olive, NC. This article originally appeared on her blog.

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